This Sydney PR Leader Shares Her Bedtime Skincare Routine

Mel Ho
by Mel Ho


In our Instagram edition of #ByrdieBedtime, we take a glimpse into the nightly beauty routines of some of our favourite Australian women. This week, it's Montarna McDonald, founder and director of The Audience Agency.

Life as a PR leader is busy. Strategic client meetings, trend forecasting, rushing between press appointments, evening media events and of course, hitting those tight after-hours deadlines we've all become accustomed to.

And given it is no secret that when you're at the top of your game, the first thing to suffer is sleep. Montarna's reputation doesn't just need to precede her, it also needs to glow! Safe to say we were more than curious to know what products she's using to achieve young, radiant-looking skin.

Keep reading to discover how she reclaims her time for a moment of self-care each night.



Thanks to the properties of coconut oil,  McDonald removes all signs of makeup using RMS Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes ($23).  

"Coconut is naturally gentle and free from ingredients which I find works perfectly for me as I’m staying away from ingredients that could aggravate my sensitive skin."


After using the RMS wipes, McDonald proceeds with the Rational Proceramide Pre-Cleanse Oil ($80) to meticulously remove any remaining traces of eye makeup. 

"I love to pre-cleanse as my working days are long and I have make up on for a large portion of it, additionally I’m constantly going in and out of different environments. What I love about the pre-cleanse is that it dissolves and lifts most of these toxins and opens the pores ready for my follow-up cleanse."


Before showering, McDonald layers the Rational ProCeramide Cleanser ($92) over her pre-cleanser. 


After McDonald washes off her cleanser in the shower, she then applies the Rodan Fields Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment ($115) to help with her rosacea.

Tip: Applying this when your skin is still warm post-shower, helps with product absorption. 


To help battle dehydration and also achieve smoother, more radiant looking skin, McDonald applies Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($150). Using the serum before bed promotes overnight repair so your skin wakes up feeling more hydrated and protected for your day ahead. 


Once the serum has absorbed, McDonald applies Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream ($252).

"I love how hydrating the face cream is and how it makes my skin feel calm and nourished every application."


McDonald leaves one of the most important steps in her nighttime routine until last—eye care. She gently presses Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery ($105) around her delicate eye area. The gel's formulation minimises dark circles and helps to reduce the side effects lack of sleep and too much screen time (blue light) has on our eyes. 


And then finally, McDonald keeps her lips hydrated with a dab of Mecca Cosmetica's Original Lip De-Luscious ($28)

Step Nine: Relax

Infused with 24 carat gold and damask extract, McDonald uses the 111Skin Rose Gold Mask ($36) once a week for extra hydration and brightening. 

When she can, making time for a 20 minute bath is another way McDonald likes to switch off from her busy work day. "I will add some bath salts and light a candle. I just use that time out to be offline and take a moment to be alone—I think it’s important that everyone takes time out for themselves and has some ‘me’ time."

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