It's Official: This Is the #1 Moisturising Mistake Every Woman Makes

Lindsey Metrus

The File

On the surface, not using any moisturiser may seem like the worst hydration faux pas, but it runs much deeper. While we commend anyone who takes the time to quench their skin's thirst post-cleanse, simply lathering on whichever jar or bottle of lotion is within arm's reach isn't enough—in fact, doing so is the crux of the matter. Instead of buying what your friends are using or whichever product is cheapest, it's important to listen to your skin: what it needs, what it's lacking, and also what it doesn't need.

This custom approach to moisturiser is a unanimous rule among top skin experts in the industry, too. For more on this and other must-follow tips for smooth, hydrated, even skin, keep scrolling.

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