Models Reveal What's Really on Their "Makeup-Free" Faces

Dacy Knight


A mastered makeup-free look is a mythical (even magical) creature. Persistently sought yet ever elusive, a fresh face—one that imbues the appeal of a bare visage but is actually made up—is like the unicorn of our beauty goals. One thing’s for certain: Models have the makeup-free makeup look down.

My first job out of college was assisting a casting director in New York. While snapping Polaroids of model after model, I found it fascinating how the girls consistently nailed that effortless, natural beauty whether it was a scorching 40 degrees out or a shiver-inducing 9. Models have to arrive at castings looking completely barefaced, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rely on a little help to obtain that signature dewy glow, bright eye, or full brow.

So in our determined efforts to obtain this covetable, seemingly contradictory look, let’s take a cue from the women who do it on the daily. How do models make up their faces to appear au naturel when they step in front of the camera? We’ve rounded up the top products models are toting to casting calls with their comp cards and heels.

Keep scrolling to read more about less-is-more beauty and see the products proven to achieve the look.

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