Bookmark Now: Model Fitspo For Lazy Days

Lisa Patulny

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, but is anyone actually thinking about bikini season when it’s raining outside? It doesn’t seem like it—the onset of autumn certainly thins out the gym crowd, and we can only assume sales of Nike Flyknits ($200) are directly proportional to rainfall on any given day. While we’ve kept up our fitness resolutions post-January (an achievement in and of itself), we’re in need of a little extra motivation to get us up and moving as we head into winter. (Real talk: It’s cold, a lot less skin is on show, and season 6 of Game Of Thrones is only days away.)

The secret weapon up our sleeves? Model fitspo. Who better to inspire us to abandon the couch for yoga or boxing? Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt makes simply walking the dog a healthy option. From Gigi to Rosie, Kendall and Alessandra, these women work out for a living, making the visual inspo practically endless. (We recommend screenshotting a few for future can't-leave-Netflix dilemmas.)

Flick through the gallery below for inspiration from some of the fittest models in the game.

Who do you look to for gym-spiration? Sound off below!


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