Celebrity MUAs Share Exactly How to Master the Minimal Makeup Look

Maya Allen

How you do your makeup is totally up to you. However, if you're a lover of more low-key looks, this one's for you. Understanding the art of using makeup products that are solely meant to enhance your natural beauty is empowering. The no-makeup makeup phenomenon has been taking over the runways for years now. Even millennial-based brands like Glossier encourage skin first, makeup second. Instead of perfectly done-up makeup, everyone's praising natural beauty. 

So we talked to four celebrity makeup artists to see how they approach the minimal makeup look on their star-studded clientele. The common thread seems to be starting with your foundation, the skin, and building from there. Keep moisturising skincare products in your arsenal and combine them with cream and liquid-based products to keep your look very lit from within. And here are four different ways to keep your natural glow on one hundred.

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