This Brain Trick Is the Key to Mastering Mindful Eating

Victoria Hoff

Brandy Melville

Turning off the incessant chatter in our minds is easier said than done, and that alone tends to be a big downfall for many who try meditation. I personally can't sit down for more than five minutes without feeling immensely frustrated, which is why I choose to seek out mindfulness by way of forest bathing—walking around in nature gives me the opportunity to focus on my surroundings, which in turn quiets my brain.

Though regular forest bathing has been part of my weekly routine for months, I never realised that there's actually a name for the strategy behind it—that is, the idea that when we ask our brains to take in a fresh experience without preconceived notions, all the other noise falls away, and we can truly live in the moment. It's a Zen Buddhist concept called "beginner's mind," and it might just be the key to finding mindfulness in every situation.

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