Definitive Proof That Michelle Obama Has and Always Will Be a Beauty Icon

Hallie Gould

When I cast my vote for Barack Obama in 2008 (my first-ever ballot, I was 18 years-old), I didn't know the powerful, poised, driven, hilarious, and intelligent partner he was bringing with him. Over the last decade, Michelle Obama has become an unmatched role model—advocating for healthy families, higher education, and international adolescent girls' education. She defends love, human rights, acceptance, and hope. I can't possibly think of enough adjectives to do her justice.

Because I am a beauty editor, I can't help but also see her contributions through a beauty lens. As her hairstyles and makeup choices evolved, so did we. Women and girls of colour finally had a powerful representative in the White House. FLOTUS's strength and impossibly toned arms were celebrated and coveted by all women. She made "being healthy" feel cool. For all of that and so much more, Michelle Obama is an icon. Keep reading to see her stunning beauty evolution.

Now is the time to get educated about your health. Make sure to read what the Planned Parenthood vote means for your access to birth control.

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