Makeup Artists Love These Metallic Makeup Products the Most

by Byrdie

Metallics have always been en vogue, from golden makeup in ancient Egypt to shimmery flapper dresses and disco fever. Today, metallic makeup is hotter than ever, no matter what time of year it is. We're seeing a punch of foil on the lids, intense shimmer on the lips, and super-saturated sparkle on the cheekbones as a highlight. By manipulating the product in just the right way, you can apply metallics all over your face without looking like the Tin Man.

To find out which products work best, we crowdsourced a few of our favourite celebrity makeup artists. Ahead, you'll find their favourite glosses, pigments, creams, and powders to beef up any look in seconds. Fair warning: These products may cause a lot of attention (for all the right reasons).

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