15 Metabolism-Boosting Foods for Instant Calorie-Torching

Deven Hopp

It seems like there is an excess of powders and drinks on the market today claiming to burn fat and boost your metabolism. The true potency of any of these magical products leaves us a little sceptical. When it comes to making a lasting impact on your metabolic rate through your diet, nothing leaves as permanent of a mark as eating fresh.

This likely comes as no surprise, but many of the best metabolism-boosting foods come from simple produce. Brightly coloured fruits and vibrant greens are an easy way to spot the most nutrient-rich items at the grocery store. They're filled with key vitamins and nutrients that boost your metabolism and give you body the sustenance it needs.

After all, you can try all the adventurous diets you want, but at the end of the day, eating good, real food is the truest and simplest way to maintain a healthy weight. Because you have to eat, you might as well eat foods that keep your metabolism at its peak. We're rounding up 15 of the best metabolism-boosting foods you can add to your grocery list. Read on to find out what they are.

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