Meghan Markle Uses This $22 Drugstore Mascara, So We'll Be Stocking Up Now

Faith Xue

Charles McQuillan/Getty

There will probably eventually be a day when we get tired of talking about Meghan Markle. That day is not today (or anytime in the near future, to be honest). We already got the exclusive scoop from her former makeup artist Lydia Sellers on the exact products she used on Meghan during her Suits days (of which we took copious notes), but today, we were fed yet another gem on a product deemed worthy by Markle: a drugstore mascara so good, she told her makeup artist to buy it. It's encouraging to know that even a duchess isn't above shopping the aisles of a drugstore (though, those days are probably behind her), and since we've gotten an up-close look at her full, fluttery lashes over the past few months (thanks, every photographer on the planet!), we'll take her word as gospel. 

Keep scrolling for the drugstore mascara Meghan Markle recommended to her makeup artist. 

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