L.A. and NYC Girls Are Obsessed With This Cult Workout

Eliza Krpoyan


Have you seen those machines that look like a souped-up version of a Pilates reformer? They’re at studios like The Studio (MDR) and SLT in L.A. and NYC. If you’ve never tried one, they can appear intimidating. You might ask yourself: “How do I not become a causality while doing a plank and moving the carriage?”

Fear not—we’re here to clear things up. The fitness machine is called a Megaformer and we have a man named Sebastien Lagree to thank for it.

To learn more about the machine and classes, we tapped Lisa Hirsch Solomon, Founder of The Studio (MDR). Her L.A.-based studios specialize in the Lagree Method and have been around for the past eight years. A friend introduced Solomon to the method 11 years ago, and it completely changed her life. In January, she opened her fourth—and largest—location in downtown Culver City. 

“This exercise platform works quickly (depending on diet), no matter how long you have been practicing,” Solomon explains. “[Since] the routines are constantly changing and evolving, your body never acclimates to the exercise regimen.” While this may not sound like a positive thing, she clarifies: “It never gets easier, but you continually get stronger, which is the ultimate motivator.” 

The first and most important thing to know is to not be intimidated by the machine. “Just jump in,” Solomon encourages. “Give it five to 10 times before you stop feeling like a fish out of water and stick with it. I promise you, it is life-changing both physically and mentally.”

Anyone else suddenly feeling extremely motivated?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know before taking your first Megaformer class.

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