The 9 Lipstick Colours You Haven't Seen Before

Lisa Patulny

What do you do when you can’t find luxe lipsticks in colours that really *work* for your skin? If you’re Florence Adepoju, you make them yourself. According to The New York Times, The 24-year-old earned herself an applied chemistry degree in cosmetics, then set out to create the very products she couldn’t find. The result is MDMFlow, an incredible line of handmade lipsticks that smell like rose and come packaged in blingy gold bullets. The 9-lipstick range is a tight edit of colours, with special limited releases sometimes available. With names like "V Dutch" and "Milkshake", each one is an ode to an iconic hip hop moment... and we can't get enough. 

Adepoju's route to success is also inspiring; to make the products she crafts small batches of 30 in her parents’ garden shed, melting wax and mixing pigment. The range is sold online, as well as in store at Topshop, Colette and Nasty Gal. Not bad for a two-year-old start-up, right?


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What do you think of these hip hop-inspired shades? Sound off in the comments below. Plus, be sure to read the rest of the article at The New York Times.


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