These Mattifying Moisturisers Are Like Liquid Blotting Papers

Audrey Noble

For those of us with oily skin, finding the right moisturiser is a lot like Goldilocks trying to find the right bed. There's a lot of testing before we find the right fit. It's tricky to find the right balance between getting enough hydration and not clogging our pores with heavy product. Especially with the warmer weather, we need to find something that will help combat the dryness without causing more skin problems. 

Which is why we turn to mattifying moisturisers. The right ones are lightweight, control excess oil production, provide moisture, don't cause breakouts and won't make it look like we poured grease all over our faces. We've tried a lot of product to get you the six moisturisers we believe have hit that sweet spot. 

Click through to see which mattifying moisturisers are the best for oil-skin types. 

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