Why Matte Blush Is the One Thing Your Makeup Bag Is Missing

Dacy Knight

While there's no problem with shimmer and shine, most of the blushes and bronzers out there on the market are packed with things beyond pure pigment for that added "glow." But if you're looking for something more subtle—such as when striving for that no-makeup makeup look—matte blush is about to be your new best friend.

Chances are your makeup bag is missing this staple beauty product, as it can be difficult to track down a blush free of light-reflecting additives. But once you've experimented with a matte blush in a shade that suits you, you'll be sold on the understated finish. Matte blush provides a natural flush that recreates that healthy look you have shortly after a exerting yourself—or that post-workout glow. It's more muted than its shimmery cousins, yet the effect can be just as striking.

Ready for that natural flush? Keep scrolling to shop four products that will make you fall in love with matte blush.

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