Master of Disguise: Root-Covering Products That Really Work!

by Lexy Lebsack

Let’s talk about the ways in which you can disguise your roots between salon visits. There are at-home colour kits—never as easy as the box promises—pens dispensing goopy liquid, and hats. In other words, there aren’t a ton of stellar options—until now. A handful of brands have formulated easy-to-use mineral powders that deliver incredibly natural-looking results. They actually cover grays or dull regrowth, even subtly blending dark roots into blonde locks.

Our favourite of the bunch, Colour Wow’s Root Cover Up ($35), has been in the works for three years. “Powder looks the most natural on the roots, but it was a challenge to develop something that sticks to the hair,” cosmetic chemist Dr. Joseph Cinotta says. The solution? “Hair has a negative charge, so we attached colour pigments to a positively-charged zinc complex, which makes the colour stick to your hair,” he says. Once the formula was perfect he handed it off to celebrity colorist Denis de Souza to test dozens of colour variations on his clients. “Each shade has a range of pigments, so they blend into a variety of hair colours,” de Souza says. Apply the powder with the included brush in short strokes as the last step in your styling routine. Focus anywhere you have roots, like your hairline or part. (Watch this video for tips.) Between shades? “Go for the darker one,” he says.

If your roots are longer than an inch, or if you have thin hair, try Jonathan’s Awake Colour Root Touch Up ($19) or TruHair’s Colour-n-Lift Powder Brush ($18). Click the base of one of the powder brushes to dispense the product, and then dust the formula onto roots. Both formulas also act as dry shampoo, absorbing oil, while the pigments stick to your roots and scalp, actually making your hair look fuller. Bonus? Both have great options for redheads: Jonathan’s is a vibrant red and TruHair’s is a more auburn hue.

Please don’t tell your colorist it’s our fault you're skipping appointments.

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