6 Masks for Pretty Much Every Part of Your Body

Lindsey Metrus


There's nothing quite as relaxing as kicking your feet up, stretching out on the couch, queuing up a new episode of Stranger Things, and draping your face in a hydrating sheet mask. While you sit and watch Millie Bobby Brown kick arse, you can pamper yourself in an incredibly low-effort, low-cost kind of way. But why give your face all the attention? Over the past few years, masking has stretched way beyond the face and into the neck, body—even your fingertips (yes, really). So why not wrap yourself up like a mummy and give every inch of your body some love?

Below, we've outlined some of the best masks (sheet, clay, and beyond) to help care for those forgotten areas of your body. Consider your weekend plans made.

Have you ever tried these masks? Which was your favourite?

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