Not Exaggerating: This Simple Mascara Hack Completely Changed My Lashes

Amanda Montell

Mascara is one of the first makeup products you ever learn how to use, so by the time you're a full-grown adult and have been applying the stuff the same way for 20 years, it never occurs to you to rethink your technique. That's certainly how I felt. In school, I read in a beauty magazine that the right way to apply mascara is to concentrate the most product at the root, and then comb upward—that way, your lashes will look full, lifted, and never droopy. I've gone through hundreds of tubes of mascara since I was 13, but I use the same exact method every time. That is, I did until two weeks ago…

It happened like this: On a weekday evening, I found myself in one of my regular YouTube black holes, combing through beauty tutorials (yes, after writing about beauty all day, I still just want to go home and consume more beauty content—I'm obsessed!). During my perusal, I stumbled across a six-month-old video by beauty guru Aly Art. The three-minute video was titled, "Same Mascara—Different Application," and for some reason, I was compelled to click.

I'll cut to the chase: This video. Completely. Changed. My life. Or at least my lash game. Once I saw how Aly Art's incredibly simple tweak in mascara application made an insane difference in the length and thickness of her lashes, I simply had to try it myself. And it worked. Like crazy. Want to know the one-minute mascara trick that changed my lashes? Just keep scrolling.

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