4 Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes That Won't Leave Them Bloodshot

Dacy Knight

If you have sensitive eyes, it's not just allergies that can set off some serious discomfort. From a bit of smoke to a stray eyelash, even the most minuscule offenders have the potential to leave your eyes itchy and inflamed. For the beauty lover, this can prove especially cumbersome when applying eye makeup.

While you may be one to easily do without blush, bronzer, or even a lipstick, mascara is one beauty product that completely transforms your look—something that many feel naked without. But swiping on thick liquid to cream formulas so close to the cornea—and having said product coat the very lashes that are meant to protect our eyes from external elements—can be a dicey endeavour indeed. So to serve our fellow sensitive eyed beauty junkies, we've rounded up the four best mascaras for sensitive eyes. Say buh-bye to bloodshot, irritated eyes and hello to bold, beautiful lashes.

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