The Bridal Hairstyles We Hope Mary-Kate Considered for Her Wedding Day

Lisa Patulny

We're Olsen fans from way back (like, waaay back—remember To Grandmother's House We Go?) so the news that Mary-Kate reportedly tied the knot over the weekend has us in raptures. According to reports, guests were asked to turn off their phones prior to the ceremony, nixing the possibility that unapproved snaps would get out. With all three Olsens a constant source of hairspo, the lack of photos has been a struggle. While we're still not 100% sure Olsen did actually get married, we're having fun imagining which bridal hairstyle she could possibly have chosen. We've rounded up five styles we hope Mary-Kate considered for her big day.

What do you think of these bridal looks? Which would you love to see on Mary-Kate Olsen? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image: Getty

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