Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt Shares Her 5 Essential Workout Tips

Kaitlyn McLintock

Make no mistake: it takes a lot of work to earn the title of Victoria's Secret Angel. The women can’t just apply a coat of rosy lipstick and strut down the runway (which, by the way, was just in Shanghai China and boy was it incredible). Long before each woman dons her unique and customised pair of ornately crafted wings she has to be incredibly diligent about exercise and clean eating. For a VS Angel, a healthy diet and a tough fitness plan is a way of life, not a temporary fix.

We know what they eat every day, and even the workouts that some of the Angels swear by, but what we really want to know is how they stick to their strict routines while making them enjoyable. Here, Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt tells us just that. To see her share her 5 best workout tips, including the killer playlist she works out to and the facial mist she swears by, watch the full video. 

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