These Products Make Skin Look so Good, They Will Replace Your Foundation

Erin Jahns

Dewy finishes, blurred imperfections, customisable coverage, sure, there are plenty of things we love about our favourite foundation formulas. However, that doesn't mean we wish to be strapped to the stuff (or feel obligated to wear it) 24/7. True, it looks great in photos and blesses us with an extra notch of confidence pre–blind date, but there's something equally beautiful about a completely bare, foundation-free makeup look.

Plus, going without also saves us time (because blending can be a pain) and paranoia (because we're not always sure what it's doing come 2 p.m.—melting? pilling? flaking?). And with so many amazing, glow-inducing products on the market recently, we've been feeling increasingly inspired to ditch our foundation altogether in lieu of our makeup bag's other shining stars.

However, if you're used to wearing foundation on a regular basis, transitioning your makeup routine to one without foundation can be a hair intimidating, To ease the switch, I reached out to my fellow editors, (and, ahem celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney) to investigate which products they rely on whenever they do their makeup without foundation. Interested in the breakdown? Keep reading for 14 products (with application tips!) we love and swear by when we opt to go foundation-free.

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