10 Essential Makeup Skills Every Woman Should Master Before Age 30

Faith Xue


We fully support the mindset that 30 is the new 20, but we also think there are certain makeup skills that are important to master before you turn 30 to help you embrace the new decade of your life with utmost confidence. After all, there are certain less-than-amazing-moments almost every woman experiences in her 20s—whether it's oversleeping your alarm (again) or waking up with a zit the size of Kim K's wedding ring before a big presentation—that we'd all like to bid adieu to, or at least know how to deal with swiftly and with vengeance.

Ahead, you'll find the 10 things Byrdie editors all agree are the most important makeup skills to learn and add to your arsenal in your wild, wonderful 20s. So yes, 30 is the new 20 because you'll be looking just as bright-eyed entering this new decade of your life as you did the last. Cheers to that!

Keep scrolling to see the 10 makeup skills every woman should master before age 30. 

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