5 Makeup Tips Every Redhead Should Know

Katharine McEntee


Just as we tailor our makeup to our eye colour, so can we tailor our makeup to the hue of our hair. While blond locks tend to look good next to shades of gold, and brunettes often look best when accompanied by a coppery-coloured metallic, complementing red tresses is more difficult. To get the skinny on the best makeup for red hair, we reached out to a few makeup artists for their tips on how to complement red hair with makeup, as well as the products they deem best for those with auburn tresses.

According to Honey Artists Makeup Artist Suzy Gerstein, the old dos and don’ts as to what redheads can and cannot wear should be thrown out the window. While she recommends opting for tinted moisturizers and peach-toned bronzers to match the fair-toned skin that often accompanies those with red tresses, she also says that redheads can absolutely wear pink lipstick and that they shouldn’t be afraid to rock a red lip either. For the makeup tips every redheaded lady should know, keep on reading.

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