A Stunning Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

by Blanche Doremieux

Beauty vlogger Sona Gasparian’s tutorial for brown-eyed girls just left us reeling—it’s that good. While blue eyes might have songs written about them, Gasparian proves once and for all that chocolate eyes are the most fun to play up. Start off by emphasising the depth and richness of brown eyes with shadows that have red undertones—Gasparian’s favourite is MAC’s Eye Shadow in Brown Script ($33). Next, concentrate darker and warmer shadows (such as Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Amaretto, $31) to the outer corner and crease to form a more dramatic and feline shape. Lastly, add a dose of glamour by applying metallic shadow to the centre of the lid—Gasparian uses MAC’s Eye Shadow in Nylon ($33). The final look? Show-stopping, head-turning perfection.

Watch the video now for step-by-step instructions on how to re-create this stunning look!

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Now that you’ve learned how to re-create the look, keep scrolling to shop all of Gasparian’s favourite products for brown eyes.

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