3 Beauty Pros Discuss the Best Makeup for Blonde Hair

Hallie Gould

Getty Images

My hair is important to me, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, being recognised as a blonde is just as significant. Yes, I identify as as naturally blonde even though I dye my hair. Does that make me strange? Maybe, but staying loyal to blonde hair dye (and part of my identity) means a few other things too. For one, my light hair, in some ways, dictates my makeup choices. Surely, I'm not suggesting you can't wear any makeup you want—regardless of hair colour. But there are few tricks of the trade that keep your hair your face in a symbiotic relationship.

Below, makeup artists lay out a few guidelines for shades, textures, and products that will look best with blonde hair—regardless of whether you've always been blonde or just emerged from below the foils.

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