3-Minute Read: Ditch the Lash Glue and Try These Magnetic Falsies Instead

Victoria Hoff

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1. See you never, lash glue.

The future of falsies is now, thanks to these adhesiveless strips that use magnets instead. That means no mess and no mistakes, and thanks to our friends at Allure, we can confirm that they also look mind-blowingly natural. (Seriously, see the gif.)

Each kit is $79, but you'll be able to reuse them again and again.

2. Still reeling over Kylie Jenner's $1200 Sephora bill?

We don't blame you—it was a doozie. But take comfort in knowing that the Kardashians use drugstore products too. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic took to Kim's website to share his fave supermarket formulas—all under $20. 

3. You only need 3 ingredients to make Adriana Lima's go-to smoothie.

Water, avocado, and honey. That's it

4. Overdid it on the rosé? Grab a foam roller.

To *bookmark* for any upcoming festivities: It turns out this fitness tool is a surprisingly effective remedy for too much [insert your go-to poison here]. Check out this handy guide for rolling away your hangover before it even begins

5. You can now buy Kate Bosworth's lipstick. And Kim K's.

Charlotte Tilbury's new Hot Lips collection (12 lipsticks inspired by and created in collaboration with as many celebrities), dropped this week, giving you the chance to own the *exact* same lip colour as your favourite starlet. Even better, proceeds from every purchase go to Women for Women International. 

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