Taking Magnesium for Sleep Actually Works—Here's Proof

Kaitlyn McLintock

Sleep is a finicky thing. Some nights you lie awake for hours willing it to come even though you did everything right. You ate well, exercised, and turned off all of your electronics hours before you climbed into bed. Other times sleep comes when you least expect it (e.g., during one of those dreaded 3 p.m. slumps). In this scenario, you find yourself trying your hardest not to drowse off at your desk. You enlist the help of caffeine, which throws off your sleep that night—it's a big ugly tiring cycle. 

If you've tried natural sleep remedies (like cherry juice, for example), and listening to white noise (or pink noise, perhaps), then it's possible you could benefit from a magnesium supplement. There are people who swear a daily magnesium dose boosted their energy and enhanced their sleep. Keep scrolling to learn the science behind magnesium and sleep, and whether or not an expert thinks it's a safe supplement to take. 



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