These Are the Most Requested Halloween Makeup Looks at MAC

Lindsey Metrus

As of today, October 7, you have 24 days to plan your Halloween costume. Sounds like a big chunk of time, but if you're anything like me, before you know it, the week before the big day, you'll be sitting in front of your computer screen at 3 a.m. browsing Pinterest costumes like a zombie (which, honestly, is a proactive measure if you end up being a zombie for Halloween). 

So to help you, dear readers, (and ourselves) we decided to go to the ultimate Halloween makeup authority: MAC Cosmetics and its Director of Makeup Artistry, Gregory Arlt. He's shared with us the top five customer-requested Halloween looks and step-by-step instructions for how to create them (but if you don't want to follow the crowd, they will still serve as a great starting point). Check out this year's most popular looks below!

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