Cancel Your Plans Tomorrow Because MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick

by Byrdie

It's never a bad time to shop for lipstick—MAC lipstick, in particular. (The brand makes a cult classic out of virtually everything it touches, after all). That being said, this Sunday, July 29, just might be the best day of the entire year to put on your shopping shoes and invest in a stunning shade of lipstick. In honour of every beauty lover's favourite holiday, National Lipstick Day, MAC will be giving away free lipstick. You can choose between three shades (Modesty, Hang Up, and Chatterbox), with any purchase over $40. Sound too good to be true? Prepare yourself because it isn't.

Of course, we do recommend getting an early start Sunday since there is only 100 available at each participating location (6 a.m. alarm anyone?). Keep scrolling for our favourite MAC products if you need a little inspo on reaching that $40 mark. And happy shopping! 

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