Two Lush Insiders Told Us How to Hack Our Next Shopping Trip

Amanda Montell

Thanks to its natural and effective formulas, hypnotic scents, and unmistakable branding, Lush Cosmetics has built a cult following that rivals the market's biggest beauty brands. From its galactic bath bombs to its versatile face masks, all packaged in those trademark black-and-white tubs, there's something about the husband-and-wife–owned brand that hooks its customers for life.

But even the most committed Lushaholics don't get a behind-the-scenes look at the UK company like its employees do. Working at Lush isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle, and spending your days in such a unique atmosphere breeds some fascinating stories. "[We] employ passionate, enthusiastic, ethical people," said Lush founder Mark Constantine. "The fanatics, the crazy people that other people won't employ because they're too crazy."

We knew these fanatics had to have some titillating inside knowledge, so we got in touch with two former Lush employees: Tina Minasyan and Adaeze Tula. Keep scrolling to see them spill their guts on shopping secrets, product hacks, and other little-known Lush facts!

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