Lucy Hale Won't Leave the House Without This $6 Australian Beauty Balm

Amanda Montell

If you've been following Lucy Hale throughout her illustrious Pretty Little Liars career, you may think you know everything about her. But we're willing to bet you didn't know that the 27-year-old actress is secretly a huge beauty connoisseur (not huge physically, of course—the girl is literally 5'2"). As part of our Just Five Things series, we chatted with the actress the other week about her five must-have, desert island beauty products—and as beauty editors, we can tell you: This girl's taste in beauty is top-notch.

On Hale's list of beauty essentials is the market's best brow pencil, a $6 Australian beauty balm you can use for everything, a wearable lip stain, a celeb-favourite foundation, and a perfume so exclusive you can only buy it once a year. Sound intriguing? Watch the absurdly charming video below to see Lucy Hale tell us her "just five" favourite beauty products.

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