Proof Low Ponytails Don't Have to Be Boring

Katharine McEntee

There is nothing quite as perfect as second-day hair: not too coiffed but not yet messy. It's the epitome of model-off-duty tresses. But when the third day rolls around and our flowy waves turn into messy tangles, we attempt to hide our unruly, unwashed locks by throwing them in a low ponytail. But according to Pinterest's analytics team, this hairstyle is not just a means to hide dirty hair but rather a very popular option, as ponytails are trending up 40% on the website.

In an effort to find more ways to hide the fact that we haven't washed our hair in 72 hours, we scrolled through Pinterest and found the top-trending ponytail hairstyles that are intricate enough to disguise copious amounts of dry shampoo yet simple enough to execute on our way out the door. For the low-ponytail hairstyles that are blowing up on Pinterest, keep on scrolling.

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