Gluten May Not Be Causing Your Digestive Issues, But These Foods Are

Audrey Noble

FODMAP is a term that I've seen but had no idea what it stood for. As much as I love working out, I am actually very stubborn when it comes to my diet.  I eat what I want (I have an undying love for McDonald's), with no regard for the long-term effects it has on my body and overall health. But after researching FODMAPs and how they're connected to discomfort when digesting, I realised that I should pay closer attention. 

I spoke to Brooke Alpert, nutritionist and author of The Diet Detox, and asked her to give me a basic lesson on FODMAPs. What foods are considered low FODMAPs? What foods are considered high? What does FODMAP mean? From explaining what it is to giving a list of foods that have it and don't, she laid it all out for me. Scroll down to learn more about FODMAPs and low-FODMAP foods. 

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