7 Low-Carb Dinner Ideas for Even the Laziest Chef

Dacy Knight

For many, cooking one's own dinner at the end of a long workday is enough of a feat. It's better on the wallet than most takeout options, yet when we're cooking while hungry it can be easy to fall back on carb-heavy options (hello pastas, soups, and bread). But cooking at home gives you the control to make smarter choices about what you're consuming. It's possible to whip up a satisfying dinner that isn't packed with carbs. To prove it, we've rounded up seven low-carb dinner ideas even the laziest chef can commit to. Curb your carb intake every day of the week with these low-carb dinner ideas that boost your intake of healthy superfoods with extra greens, tasty pasta alternatives, and lean proteins that tackle your hunger. 

Keep scrolling for seven low-carb dinner ideas that will have you set for the whole week ahead.

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