Under-500 Calorie Dinners that Are Actually Delicious (and Quick to Make)

Alina Gonzalez
by Alina Gonzalez

As the last meal of the day, dinner often gets the short end of the healthy-eating stick. The optimism and momentum you woke up with has waned by the time you get home from work. Who has time for maple-glazed salmon with pickled parsnips when there’s Easy Mac, are we right?

Since cooking a well-rounded dinner during the week can seem intimidating—if not downright impossible—we took it upon ourselves to round up seven super-easy, super-healthy, and super-delicious meals, all less than 500 calories. We promise that with these options, you’ll never resort to pretzels with Nutella for dinner again.

Keep clicking for a week’s worth of yummy, low-cal, easy-to-make meals. 

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