8 Times Low Buns Were Way Cooler Than Topknots

Allie Flinn

Buns don’t fail us (ever). Time and again, they’re our go-to for adding an element of polish to an otherwise thrown-together look. Running late for work? Attending an event without any time to primp? A bun works every. single. time. Somehow, they keep us looking like the punctual, fully functioning adults we sometimes fail to be.

Here at Byrdie, we’ve noticed that the cool girls of the beauty world are bringing back an old favourite: low buns. Five years ago, they were noticeably missing from Pinterest boards, save for the odd wedding or prom post. For the longest time, they were outshone for the sky-high topknots.

Although we still love a good topknot on a lazy Sunday, we think it’s high time to switch things up with an easy, elegant neck-grazing style. Keep scrolling to see eight gorgeous low buns you’ll want to add to your repertoire immediately!

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