13 Must-Copy Hairstyles for Girls With Really Long Hair

Katharine McEntee

Sure, bobs, lobs, and shaved heads are having a moment, but that doesn’t mean that long hairstyles are off-trend. On the contrary, there has never been a better time to rock long locks—just look at the lengthy tresses Gigi Hadid sported at Versace’s S/S 17 show or the plethora of bohemian hairstyles that have taken over Pinterest. Since long locks are quickly becoming a staple, we thought it appropriate to highlight some of the best long hairstyles via Pinterest.

Whether you have spiral curls, stick-straight strands, or fall somewhere in between, we’ve found long hairstyles befitting all textures, from curly topknots to waist-grazing braids and free-flowing waves—all of which require shoulder-length locks (or longer). So what are you waiting for? Cancel your next cut, and rock one of these Rapunzel-esque styles instead. For 13 of our favourite long hairstyles on Pinterest, keep on scrolling.

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