The Logies Red Carpet Was Fun, But Did You Catch These Phenomenal Beauty Looks?

Lisa Patulny

While it's true The Logies are Australian "TV's night of nights", I've got to say, I'm often a little disappointed by the celebrity beauty looks I see appear on the red carpet. Unlike international events like the Met Gala, A-listers tend to play it very, very safe. Obviously, everyone looks gorgeous—that's not in question—but I do find myself wishing for something a little more...daring. A punchy red lip perhaps, or an out-there hair accessory. Turns out, this year was different. And so much better than I expected. (At least 300 per cent better—seriously.) I was thrilled to follow along with the behind-the-scenes action on Instagram, spotting familiar faces stepping out of their respective beauty comfort zones. The Logies will never be a place for super-directional style, but I'll take a scarlet turban where I can get it. (Thank you Olympia Valance!)

Click through the gallery below for this year's best Logies beauty looks.


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