It's an Injustice More People Don't Know About These Best-Selling Sephora Picks

Kaitlyn McLintock

As far as we're concerned, all the products residing in Sephora's hallowed halls can be separated into two categories: The first is composed of the classics, those tried-and-true products that we use on the daily. From Fenty to Kat Von D, they're the familiar staples that we know deliver.

That's all well and good, but we also can't ignore the second category: the under-the-radar gems. Make no mistake—just because they're not as omnipresent as other Sephora picks doesn't mean they're not amazing, innovative, and effective in their own right. In fact, there are a handful of little-known favourites that are so good that they have actually earned their own feverish cult followings—and in turn, continue to fly off the store's shelves.

Keep reading to see Sephora's least-known, top-selling products.

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