5 Secret MAC Products You Haven't Tried (but Should)

Faith Xue

There are certain MAC products that have reached icon status—Studio Fix, Lip Glass, and Fluidline Brow, to name a few. But MAC is a brand, like Gretchen Weiner’s hair, that’s full of secrets. Beyond the Face and Body Foundation, beyond the frenzy-inducing collaborations (MAC x Selena, we wait for you with baited breath), there exist a number of little-known products that have flown under the radar all these years, just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a MAC devotee or are have just started dipping your toe into the vast, glittery, rainbow pool of MAC products, you’ll want to see the makeup artist–approved picks ahead.  

From a magical mixing balm to a perfect coffee eyeliner, keep scrolling to see (and stock up on) them all!

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