This Celebrity Makeup Artist Just Launched Her First Book

Lisa Patulny

Lisa Eldridge’s CV reads like a makeup artist’s dream resume. Best known for her inspiring but instructional online tutorials, the celebrity makeup artist—and creative director of Lancôme makeup—has experience in editorial, TV and runway, as well as actual product formulation (Eldridge collaborated with Shiseido in 1998). She’s also a bonafide beauty buff, with an ever-growing collection of vintage cosmetics, and now—her own book.

In a new video, Eldridge introduces us to Face Paint ($17), and is quick to point out the tome (which goes on sale tomorrow) is not a how-to book. “[It] is about the subject of the history of makeup. It’s been such an obsession of mine over the years that I’ve almost scratched an itch by producing this book,” she explains. Eldridge goes on to describe the contents, touching on everything from the invention of mascara, lipstick and blush, to the changing meanings of colour in beauty over time. We also get a sneak peek at the stunning imagery, which Eldridge says she worked extra hard to source.

Opening photo: Pinterest

We can’t wait to get our hands on this beautiful book! Tell us, do you love Eldridge’s online tutorials as much as we do?

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