Asking for a Friend: How Much Are Lip Injections?

Faith Xue

The Fashion Spot

Who doesn’t want a plumper pout? And yet, when we see that bee-stung pucker on other women, we can’t help but wonder: Are her lips the result of genetics (à la Angelina Jolie), clever makeup skills, or—gasp!—lip injections? We blame the stigma around lip injections partly on the current no-makeup makeup trend, and partly on the fact that, in our culture at least, no one likes to admit when they get work done. But lip injections are happening, and if you’ve ever been curious, even for a second, about how much lip injections cost, how they work, or if you should get them, it’s time to stop screenshotting strangers’ lips on Instagram and get informed.

We spoke to Michael Lin, MD, a Los Angeles–based board-certified dermatologist, and asked him everything we’ve wanted to know, from the price tag to the pain factor. Keep scrolling to see what he had to say.

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