8 Life-Changing Beauty Products to Try Before You Die

Faith Xue

In the bucket list of life, there are certain things everyone should check off. Drinking wine—whether a 2005 Chateau Lafite Rothschild or Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s—while watching the sunset, picnicking in a bucolic locale, striking up a conversation with a total stranger… all things that will ultimately enrich your life (well, the last one only if you approach it correctly). Beyond experiences and leaps of faith, there are certain things that will better your life as well—beauty things, to be exact. We know by now that money can't buy happiness, but who can deny the thrill that a shiny new beauty product brings, even more so when it happens to deliver on what it promises? Especially when there are only a very few that actually do so.

Ahead, you'll find 8 beauty products that deliver and then some. Whether it's an essence that magically balances oily skin and hydrates dry skin or a chemist lipstick that rivals its most luxurious counterparts, the beauty world is full of gems that will change your life for the better—and we can attest to their transformative abilities. Try all of these, then check them off your bucket list. You're welcome!

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