Why This Cult French Hair Mask Costs $227

Faith Xue

You can buy a lot of things with $145: a pair of Zara heels (or two, if they’re on sale), 10 overpriced cold-pressed juices… The list goes on. And now, thanks to magical (albeit pricey) French hair mask, perfect hair can too be one of those things.

Leonor Greyl is a cult French hair-care brand beloved by Hollywood hairstylists and the It crowd, with a loyal following of the likes of Emma Stone and Madonna. The products prioritise natural, botanical ingredients, and deliver a no-fuss approach to haircare with a focus on hair health first.

The line is considered luxe, settling around the $50 to $65 mark for shampoos and tonics, but one product in particular has a price tag that stands out: the Masque Quintessence, which rings in at $227. (See previous perfect hair promise.)

So, what is it about this hair mask that makes it so wallet-lightening? Does it possess magical powers that will transform my hair into Selena Gomezworthy strands? Keep scrolling to read my review.

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