5 Lazy-Girl Hair Hacks Models Always Use

Faith Xue

“Models” and “lazy” aren’t two words that are usually used in the same sentence, but when it comes to hair… well, we’re starting to think they should be. The leggy fashion elite are the ones who started the model-off-duty hair trend, after all—that windswept, tousled, “I tumbled out of bed five minutes before my casting” look that screams blasé yet beautiful. We’ve interviewed our fair share of models, and we are starting to notice that while some have a makeup prowess that rivals the makeup artists who paint their faces (hi, Anja Rubik) and others have a decidedly more pared-down vanity, they all have one thing in common: a relatively low-key—dare we say, lazy—hair routine. Lest you get confused, the model version of lazy is not equivalent to the “Postmates Chinese food from the restaurant downstairs” type of lazy. Rather, the model version of lazy simply implies minimal effort with maximum results. Keep scrolling to see what we mean…

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