What It's REALLY Like Having Eyelash Extensions for Years

Alina Gonzalez
by Alina Gonzalez

There are those who dabble in eyelash extensions, perhaps trying them once for a special occasion, like a big vacation or wedding; and then there are those for whom extension fills are commonplace, like a standing manicure or blowout appointment. Sure, it costs $200 to get your first set and $60 every refill (in Los Angeles, at least); but to some women, it's worth it. There are women out there who haven't let the world see their natural lashes for five years or more.

What is it really like to have eyelash extensions for years, you ask? Does it ruin your natural lashes? Does it boost your confidence? Why keep up with it for so long? To answer all your most burning questions about eyelash extensions, we found four real people who fall squarely into the “addict” camp. Keep scrolling to see what they had to say about their eyelash extension commitment.

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