Lara Worthington's LA Facialist Gave Us the 411 On How to Zap a Blemish

Emily Algar

We've always loved Lara Worthington for her creamy blonde bob and her bronze-y glow, but her skin is most definitely up there on our list. So, when she shared an Instagram story of her undergoing a facial treatment a few weeks back, we instinctively followed the digital trail that led us to Molly M. Lucio, also known by her digital moniker @skinbymollym, if you want to get technical. An aesthetician and facialist, Lucio is based in LA, and apparently one of the best-kept skin secrets we ever did stumble across (she also treats Phoebe Tonkin, and she certainly has a complexion we'd kill for). 

Desperate to find out what all the fuss is about, we asked Lucio for all of her best skincare tips, and we can confirm that they're amazing. From the best serums out there, to a genius blackhead-eliminating trick, keep scrolling for everything she had to say. Also, be sure to add Lucio to your beauty hit list, should you ever be in LA—we sure are. 


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