Lara Worthington’s Secret Beauty Hacks, All in One Place

Lisa Patulny

Like the rest of the world, we can’t get enough of Lara Worthington. In town to rep both her tanning range The Base, and Westfield’s Today I Am campaign, the businesswoman recently caught up with The Urban List to talk all things beauty.

In the interview, Worthington lists her must-have products—and they’re surprisingly low-key (apart from one, very special La Mer lip balm). Love for her LB Cream ($24) aside, we were intrigued to learn that she also relies on RMS Beauty's Un-Cover Up Concealer ($48) to create a fresh-faced look.

The real beauty gold, however, is in Worthington’s budget-friendly secret to soft skin—a DIY exfoliant made with cold pressed coconut oil. “I like making my own revitalising body scrub by adding a few tablespoons of sea salt,” she says. Theoretically the oil would help to dissolve old tan, making this a recipe for an extra effective scrub. Is this the answer to a year-round glow? Probably. Worthington’s knowledge of everything from skin preparation to tan application is something to behold, so if she’s behind it so are we.

Click over to The Urban List for the rest of Worthington’s beauty routine! For the free hair hack Worthington uses to get that amazing hair, click here.

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