How It's Made: The All-Natural Cleanser Minimalist Girls Love

Lisa Patulny

Welcome to How It’s Made where we go behind the scenes with your favourite brands to find out how their most popular products are produced. For our latest installment, we went behind the scenes with Lanolips to find out exactly how the brand’s signature line products come to fruition.

Fact: Minimalist beauty can be tricky to get right. While there are products that can successfully moonlight as something else (lipstick = blush, coconut oil = everything), there are others that don't always hit the mark. (See: the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner your mum used on you as a kid.) Bar soap is another one. Perhaps the original multipurpose beauty product, back in the day it was used for housekeeping as well as bathing. Having fallen out of favour in a big way, soap has all but been replaced by modern cleansers. 'Til now thought of as drying and damaging, it's been looked over by anyone with a passion for skincare. But all that is set to change if cult Aussie brand Lanolips' latest launch is anything to go by. Founder Kirsten Carriol set about creating a nourishing face-and-body soap made from natural ingredients. Obviously she smashed it. (This is the woman who created multi-purpose marvel 101 Ointment, $19, after all.) Ready to meet the all-natural cleanser minimalist beauty girls love?

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