Here's What Kylie Jenner Bought With $1200 at Sephora

Victoria Hoff

Getty/Taylor Hill

For most of us, the idea of running around Sephora with $1000 to spend sounds like an epic sweepstakes prize or the stuff of sweet, sweet dreams. But it was just another day of shopping for Kylie Jenner, who naturally documented her haul on Snapchat. 

While she certainly got an assortment of products with that sum, Jenner had one particular category on the brain: "My favourite thing ever is blush," she says. So what specifically did she buy to enhance her glow? Keep scrolling to see.

Though these are the only products Jenner specifically called out, the dollar amount on that receipt suggests that she purchased several more mystery items. (If she's anything like us, we'd have to guess that she did a little damage in the cash register aisle.)

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